Nanoproject is an Italian company founded in Bologna, Italy in 2017. Its main goal is to design innovative devices and systems to preserve people's health and well-being, making the air and surfaces of the spaces we live in safer. Constant Research and Development, as well as close collaboration with several Italian universities and research institutes, has allowed Nanoproject to create unique projects in the field of sanitization and nanotechnology, continuously implementing cutting-edge applications that meet the characteristics of efficiency and durability, in total respect of environmental sustainability. 

Following the health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been multiple studies aimed at containing the virus through the use of innovative technologies. Thanks to a dynamic team with high experience in the field, Nanoproject was able to anticipate the needs of a market with new requirements for improving indoor air quality by patenting the Trivalent System in 2020. This advanced application, aimed at sanitizing indoor air and surfaces, works through the combination of three different technologies, effective individually but unbeatable when combined: NTP (Non-thermal-plasma) + Photocatalysis + UV-C LED.

It is from these premises that the Sanitec Line has been developed: a range of sanitizers completely made in Italy and suitable for the presence of people, to preserve both professional and domestic indoor spaces. These special devices stand out on the market for being the only ones not requiring maintenance costs and, unlike other sanitizers, not needing replacement filters, lamps or condensers. In addition, they are the only ones equipped with

three technologies, making them the best performing in terms of virucidal and levurocidal activity.

Nanoproject's sanitizers eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), bacteria, molds, spores, fungi and odors, and have been certified by the Department of Molecular Medicine, headed by Prof. Andrea Crisanti, of the University of Padua and the Department of Translational Research and New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pisa.




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